22 August, 2008

Historic Event - Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk

I am taking part in this awesome PHOTOWALK tomorrow at 6am in the morning. It will be taking place all over the world at the same time...how great is that!!!

So, just imagine while you are still fast asleep at 5h15am I will be making my way down with a friend of mine, Jenny to the Durban Ski Boat Club.

Our walk takes place from the Ski Boat Club until Ushaka with all 50 of us taking random photos, then it will be uploaded onto a site for judging and there are prizes involved.

Not that I am hoping to win anything, my photography is not the best, and I am still learning my camera as I go along...so, I am going for the enjoyment and the fun, and yes, the lovely breakfast afterwards!!!

So I think I will need an early night, so that I can be well rested for the early start.


  1. Hi Sophia -- saw your posting on the Photo walk site and checked out your blog. It's going to be great -- here in Brisbane, Australia we are meeting at 2pm and wandering around a favourite place here called Southbank -- and then walking into the city. It's supposed to be winter but the temperature is forecast to be in the mid 60's -- can't complain about that. :-)
    Cheers from Brisbane, Australia!

  2. Hey Sophs

    You are probably at breakfast right now scoffing something yummy to make up for the calories you lost while walking and snapping pics(tee hee) so when you return here's a little "HELLO" to my good friend from me.

    Wow, the Photo Walk is a lovely idea!!

    Have a fantabulous day!!!

    Love, Tracy


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