21 August, 2008

Sad Day

They have finally announced the 2009 Memory Makers Masters, and sadly I was not one of them...

But, you know what...there is always next year to try again, never give up hope!

So, I leave you with my NEW LO created for their "theme" I BELIEVE. I chose a photo of Chloe and spoke about her condition. The other LOs were older ones I have already posted here...

Here is the journaling:-

How can something so small and precious have this condition called MASTOCYTOSIS? I feel so helpless, like it is my fault. Am I being punished for something bad I have done in my life? I have so many questions running through my mind with no answers...

The one thing I know is this, I gave birth to you. You were born healthy, happy and with no problems. Perhaps this is God’s way of testing my faith. I know there is a greater plan for you and I will take each day as it comes and I do believe together we will get through this.

The rest of the other LOs submitted...

Until next time round!


  1. Hey Sophs

    Sorry you didn't make it, friend!!

    I would've picked you - your LO's are gorgeous ...

    Chat soon!!


  2. Hi Sophia. Sorry you didn't make it, but as you say, there's always next year. All in good time..... Chat soon.

  3. Beautiful layouts Sophia. The journaling on Chloe's page is very special and so sincere. Love the layout of Amy with her little princess crown and your scrapping space looks very inviting.

  4. Sorry you didn't make it, but your layouts are georgeous.

    Don't give up trying!!

  5. Commiserations for not getting picked... but next year you and I will both have to enter and get through. Your layouts are great and definately worth seeing published.

  6. gotta tell you I love these los!! The first one posted is absolutely beautiful and they are all so well-done. You have a great eye for space and color!


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