22 August, 2008

My Boxes Arrived


Well all 2 of them, thanks Debbie for arranging this, I am so in scrappy heaven right now.

All of last year I had been ordering scrap stuff when they went on sale etc off sites and had it shipped to a friend of mine, Debbie's house in the US.

So, this month we decided it was time for her to post it all back to me, that way we would save on shipping, as I would receive it in one whole batch and not bits & pieces, where the postage would have cost me more!

So here is my yummy goodies...

You can never have too much American Craft Mini Marks...lol

Ok, I will now leave you to drool over my stash, please don't wet your keyboard.


  1. OOOHHH (seriously wet keyboard here), I loooove the delicious goodies you had "stored" in the States ...

    I am sooooo envious of all those AC Mini Marks - one of my fave products - you lucky, lucky girl!!!

    Enjoy, my friend!! After all, you're worth it!!!

    Love, T

  2. I am sure all this stuff will definitely keep you on a permanent scrapping high.

  3. jacki janse van rensburg24 August, 2008 19:42

    ooohhh! stuff... lots of gorgeous stuff...

    you know, i didn't pop in for 3 days, and found you had posted 6 times! you a busy bee!

    and your LO's for the competition were great. they don't know what they passed up. but good for you for trying!


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