22 July, 2008

Birthday cards arriving

My beautiful cards for my 40th Birthday celebration that I am offering a RAK (or blog candy) for, is slowly coming in with the mailman.

Here are the ones I have received so far...

, created this beautiful masterpiece and inside the card was this beautiful rub-on.

Cathy, created this cute little card with quilling. Did you do the quilling yourself?

Christine, made this sweet PINK card and included some awesome PINK beads to make a bracelet for myself.

Thank you Ladies, I love them all, each one has a special meaning to me, and with that your names go into the draw for the RAK below.

You still have a chance at winning the RAK, click here for all the details.


  1. Now that RAK really looks awesome. I have to keep on rubbing those lucky beans. Love all the other cards - they are very special, especially because they were handmade with lots of love and special thoughts about you.

  2. Hi Sophia, glad you got my card... and yip I did the quilling myself... one of my other hobbies that I do. Enjoy it and your birthday next week... oh and maybe also enjoy your last week of being 39!!


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