24 July, 2008

Rudely Awoken

By our alarm going off at about 3.30 this morning...

I guess that is typical for us South Africans, with the ever increasing crime rate out there.

Just to fill you in, we arm the rest of the house, and not the area where we sleep, as it is on a higher level.

When looking at our keypad system it showed that the kitchen area had been triggered. Blue Security phoned us and said they would send a car out to patrol the grounds and house.

On the security man's arrival, he roamed around the garden with his flashlight, but nothing to be seen. Once all was safe, Murray went to meet him and they walked around the house trying to see what had been tampered with.

Now, this is where it gets juicy, all the while we were fast asleep in dreamland...they had quietly tried to attempt 4 access points into our home. Can you believe it!!!

The new sliding door downstairs where all our computers and my Scrapbook room is - they tried to pop the lever; the sliding door in our lounge - they tried to chip away at the wood, huge chunk missing; they forced the two windows in our lounge open, where our fish tank used to be and also chipped away at some of the wood and lastly they chipped and broke through the kitchen door lock part, but once they opened it triggered the alarm off. Which is when I assume the culprits fled into the direction of our hedge for cover and escape, as I heard lots of rustling of leaves and bushes and muttering between themselves.

The security did not manage to catch any culprits, safe to say they got away to attempt another break in sometime again.

Sometimes makes me wonder who is behind all this...as at the moment we have a painting company and their workers on our premises painting the whole of our exterior of our house, things were quiet prior to that...

Thank GOD, we are all safe and sound and that is all that counts. It is more the inconvenient of having to phone around today getting people to come and fix and replace the damaged areas!!!

Will post photos once the sun is shining and I have managed to take some..."You all stay safe now"


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about your news! I agree, the most frustrating part is now to get everything repaired and pay for it, either with your own hard earned money or insurance which indirectly you still pay for. On the brighter side - at least nothing was taken and most importantly you are all safe!!!
    Take care!

  2. Ag no, Sophia. Mmm ... painters on your premises at the moment ... makes you think hey. I am just so glad that you are all safe and unharmed, the rest is all materialistic stuff that can be fixed. Just always be careful and watch your back at all times when getting home hey.

  3. jacki janse van rensburg24 July, 2008 17:24

    oh no! glad you are safe. but still, you sleep with one eye open for weeks after...

  4. Glad nothing was taken and you are all safe. I agree, it is the inconvenience of getting everything fixed and having to pay excesses.

    Just be alert.


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