04 July, 2008

My 40th Birthday Plans

It is not often that one turns 40, now is it!!!

So, I wanted to be spoilt in the worst way possible...what can I say, I am still a kid at heart and just love receiving presents...

My birthday is on the 30th July and I was hoping all my BLOG READERS out there would all send me a birthday card to help me celebrate turning 40, as they say...."Life starts at 40".

So if you are interested in my 40th fun, please email me and I will send you my postal addy for the card to be posted to.

Then for all the cards etc I get, your name will go into a draw for a scrappy RAK from me. Will draw winner of the RAK in August.

On another fun note...this is what is planned for my 40th celebration!!!
  • Date 2nd August 2008
  • 1 Scrapbooking Teacher
  • 10 students
  • Theme colour PINK
  • 2 Class kits
  • Goody Bags
  • Lucky Draws
  • Make and Take Demos
  • Cocktails
  • 3 course Lunch
  • Afternoon Tea Treats
  • Dress up fun for photo shoot (over the top feminine boas; hats etc)
I told hubby I did not want a huge bash, but my special day with close friends scrapbooking, but you will have to wait till then for photos of all the fun!

Hope you will celebrate with me too...


  1. Well Sophia I am in for one of your cards from the other side of the world, so send me your addie and I will make a card for you!

  2. From one almost 40 to another.... have a great day on the 30th (in case I forget!). I will endeavour to send you a card too. Any sort of gift no matter how small is always nice to receive so will look this afternoon and get making.

  3. Sophia wish I was close enough to share in all the fun!! Sounds like a GREAT WAY to turn 40!
    connie melancon (MMFY)

  4. Connie Melancon08 July, 2008 22:55

    Sophia I wish I lived closer to join in on all the FUN!! What a way to celebrate. Can't wait to see the pictures!

    connie (MMFY)

  5. From one already 40 year old to another--happy birthday, no reason not to celebrate 40 years on the planet! Send my your addy and I'll pop a card in the mail.

  6. Well, to the 30-something going on to the 40-something ... your card is in the post. Enjoy the dirty 30's while it lasts. Love. Desire

  7. Happy Birthday! Mine is July 30th also! I have acouple more years until I hit 40, but I'll be watching how you party it up as I was thinking the same thing... gotaa have fun! Love your spirit & spunk!

  8. Sounds like you're going to have such fun on your birthday. I love the sound of a scrapbooking party. May have to give it some thought for my birthday next year. I'd love to send you a card. I think I have your address, but send it to me just in case.


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