21 May, 2008

What a small world it is

I met Venessa Matthews at SATC Crop this weekend, she happened to be one of the teachers who I worked as a TA for on Saturday.

It so happened I go and add myself to her SATC group and friend's list on facebook only to discover, she is a member of the schools I went to in Rustenburg and Empangeni.

I thought to myself this cannot be...

She lived in Rustenburg, around the corner from my house. I used to play with her sister, Chantal. Then her family moved to Empangeni where we moved to also...

Then we chatted on facebook for a while laughing about the past...

Venessa, it sure was great catching up with you again, hope we get to scrap together again soon.

On another note, I got the Heidi Swapp kits that they had left from the Crop day in May in Joburg / Cape Town...

OMG is all I can say...the box was packed with so much scrappy yumminess!!!

Enjoy your evening, as for me, I am scrapping...YAY!


  1. What a great package!!! Look at all that yummy goodness - I can not wait to see what you create with it all!!!

  2. Heya.... I still cannot believe our coincidental "meeting" this weekend... small small world. (lol you didn't have to put a photo of me :) ) WOW, loving that package of goodness... hope you have created some happiness already.

  3. The world really is small!!!

    I just love all your goodies - can't wait to see what you create.

  4. Candice Greenway23 May, 2008 10:48

    That is some SERIOUS stash, you are going to have such fun with that :o)
    And yes, it's a very VERY small world indeed & that's why I always bear in mind some advice that my dad gave me long ago:
    "Be careful whose toes you tread on - because they may be connected to the feet, that are connected to the legs, that are connected to the butt you may have to kiss one day".
    Wise words & oh so true - I firmly believe in the theory of 6 degrees of separation.
    Enjoy playing with all that stash, should keep you out of trouble for a while ;o)


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