19 May, 2008

Sorry, I know...bad blogger

Now, let me see where should I start...

2 weekends ago, I took Amy to Emma's 4th birthday party, the theme was princess and pirates. All the girls looked so cute dressed in the princess dresses, as you can see below.

Chloe has been on Purity solids since she turned 5 months, and she seems to be eating really well and enjoying the different flavours on offer. Although to me they taste rather bleak...I am sure she will love the recipe of my Mom's when I start to cook it for her...even I have to say it is rather delicious.

I am into my 3rd week at work and loving it, I think the distraction has made me a lot more patient with my girls when I get home. I spend the time with them, doing fun things. Then after Chloe and Amy have been bathed and fed, Chloe goes to bed, Amy spends time with Dad and I get to chill with my computer and scrappy things...awesome. So, it has worked out well!

Last Sunday was Mother's Day, and I got spoilt by Amy. Hubby and her made a lovely breakfast for all of us; I got a huge Toblerone chocolate from her and a bookmark she made at school. Then I am still awaiting this baby, a Wacom Tablet Bamboo Fun. Hubby ordered from his friend Peter, so now we just wait for it to arrive. It sure is going to give my photos a whole new look and meaning...cannot wait for it. We spent the day at Murray's folks and had a lovely lunch, where we all got stuck in and made our own pasta, Amy really loved that...

I spent this weekend working as a helper at the SATC CROP 2 day weekend, that Tracy and Andrea held at the Elangeni hotel. All I can say, was it was the best weekend ever. The pace was so relaxed, the classes were awesome. All the delegates seemed to have a blast...as for the teachers, you all did great!

Our awesome Teachers...

Tracy, sure looks like you are scrapping...hey!?!

View from early morning on Sunday at the pool deck at the Elangeni...

We got the kits as payment for helping on the weekend, cannot wait to get stuck into them.

I did not win the grand prize from the Guest Designer Search, but there is always next time...

One of the teachers, Lara from Time and About magazine, asked for one of my pages to publish, yay. My all time fav teacher, Candice asked if she could have photos of Chloe to scrap...now that is an awesome privilege, thanks Candice, you are my hero...!!!

Hubby, seemed to manage very well on his own with the girls. He even took them to a friend's birthday party on Saturday, and lunch at his folks yesterday.

Chloe, cut her first tooth last Wednesday (14th May), so perhaps she might go back to sleeping through...I hope. She will be going for her 6 month check up on Wednesday, will be interesting to see how much she weighs now.

I leave you with this LO I created for a challenge over at Making Memories For You.

Catch you all later this week.


  1. Wow...fantastic pictures!your little girls are so cute and I love the SEA!
    You have a nice blog!

  2. It seems like you all had a fantastic scrap weekend. The girls are growing every minute, you will have to start putting a brick on their heads ....

  3. Oh wow, I would love to see the layout Candice does. I like the layout you did of the Baptism - very pretty.

    I see our pictures came out nicely - I like the sea one - the sun does something special to it.

    Thanks for your help on the week-end. It was a great crop.

  4. Great pics!!! Looks like you had a wonderful time and the girls are growing so fast - just gorgeous!!!


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