26 May, 2008

Scary stuff I tell you

We took our little Chloe for her 6 month's check up last Wednesday and her Pead, saw some spots kind of like freckles etc around her groin area and a few near arms, there are not that many, but they are slightly raised. You have to look closely to see it...he is not too happy about them.

So, he referred us to see a Dermatologist as soon as possible to make sure it is nothing serious or life threatening.

We managed to get an emergency appointment with one of the best at Westville last Thursday. After he finished looking and prodding etc. He took photos of all visible spots he could see and this is where it gets scary...

Our poor little baby, Chloe had a biopsy on her inner left thigh to remove one of the spots for testing...

The Doc is more than a 100% sure it is one of the following things below, but the test results will tell us for sure; we get them this Thursday.

So I need you all to just keep my baby Chloe in your prayers please.

Other than that she is healthy and growing very well. Weighing in at 8.55kgs and 71cms long, see she is growing like weeds. She is a whole kg bigger than Amy was at this phase.

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  1. You are all in my prayers.

    It is so cute comparing your children to see the differences as the various ages.


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