23 December, 2007

New Banner Time

Just been playing around and decided it was time for a new banner that would fit in with the festive season happening around here.

Yesterday we also played around trying to take some Christmas photos of us in our fancy hats. as for Chloe, she just wanted to sleep through it all. If you look closely at the photos, you will see I put her into a Christmas stocking, how cute and appropriate (at least she fits). How funny, just noticed now while uploading the photos, that Dad forgot to wear his hat, oh well, no going back now...these will have to do.

Hope you enjoyed the photos.

As for the shopping, I have finished all mine. Just a few more to wrap and we are set for Santa on Christmas eve.

Amy and I are going to try to attempt making cookies tomorrow. We have all our cookie cutters in place and we are ready for some shape making; icing and decorating..should be fun!!!

So, that will be for another post.

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  1. Chloe in a Xmas stocking ... how cute is that ... by Xmas 2008 she probably wont fit. If Murray is at all like Conroy ... he probably was quite relieved that him not donning any head gear, went unnoticed. It looks like the Allison family is just growing by the year ... Wishing you all a wonderful and merry Xmas 2007. Love Desire


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