19 December, 2007

Catch Up Post & Happy Mail

After all the excitement of being chosen to be on Frankie's DT, I forgot to keep my blog updated...so I'm back, sorry blog readers.

Let's see what I need to post about...oh yes.

Saturday, I took Amy to Luke's 4th birthday party at RJs up Old Main Road. Michelle booked there, as they have a mini Steam Train where the kids get to ride on, but alas, it was out of order. They had to resort to playing on the trampoline and jumping castle. Then, by some a stroke of luck, they finally got to have a ride on the Steam Train (I guess they fixed it in time)...that seemed to be the highlight for them all.

Monday, was a Public holiday for us all here. So, we spent the day at Murray's parents place relaxing. Then, when we had a quick gap we left the 2 girls with Granny and made a mad dash to Gateway to do their Christmas present shopping. Boy, was it the wrong day to go there...took us almost half an hour to get into the parking lot. The centre itself was chaotic, far too many people, and Toys R Us was packed. Nevertheless, we managed to finish it all in good time. We even got Amy's birthday present for Jan '08. One less thing to worry about.

My brother, Henri is staying with us for a few days, as the friends who normally stays with have their folks coming down for Christmas. He seems to have found a place to rent for the New Year onwards, so Emma and the kids will be able to move down to Durban and be with him.

Remember the post about our kitchen cupboards getting damaged. The insurance company are paying for them to be replaced. So we have had the people from Cupboard Value here since yesterday knocking and banging etc, at least we will have new cupboards real soon...YAHOO!

Onto my Happy Mail...

Got my awesome little package from Jacqui in PMB, she was my Secret Santa from the Bad Girls site. Thanks Jacquie, it was great, especially that nougat...yum!!!

Then from this awesome chick Wilna, I got my RAK I won a while back. Check out all that yummy scrappy loot to play with.

Wilna, thank you so much, it was such a nice surprise to get this yesterday.
Just thought I would leave you with these few pics of Chloe, and if you look close enough, she is smiling. I must say she is starting to be more awake and alert now...too cute!

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  1. Ohhh look at how cute she is! I love it when they start smiling.


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