24 December, 2007

It's Almost Christmas

With that being said, I decided I would try my hand at making some Christmas Cookies with Amy. She was super excited when I told her all about it...

Got the cookie mix out, did as they told me to on the recipe. Rolled it out, cut the shapes, Amy decorated them to her hearts content, only for me to burn the first batch...what a terrible Mom, but you have to let me off the hook, I have a newborn in the house and she demanded my attention too, so there!!!

So we started again, lucky the recipe said the dough keeps for a week in the fridge. Rolled, cut and decorated them, yet again. This time they did not burn and they looked too delicious for words...I'm sure those cookies will go down well with my glass of milk later.

Here are some photos of our baking mayhem...

Two photos of my {sleeping beauty}, she looks so adorable, just have to kiss those cheeky cheeks.

Hope you enjoyed them all...off to have {MY} cookies and milk.


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