25 December, 2007


...and all is Merry & Bright.


I had an early start to today, as Chloe woke me up for a feed around 4h30am, so by the time she had finished, there was no way I could go back to sleep.

So, I came to my computer and replied to a few message posts on MM4U forum.

When Amy finally woke up, all I heard from our downstairs study was..."YAHOO, Father Christmas did come to our house". She had obviously seen the pressies under the tree and was so excited.

So, we proceeded to wake Dad up and all 3 of us went to open presents in the lounge. Amy was over the moon to each and every present she was opening...her little face beamed with sheer delight. Afterall, Christmas is all about children...

As for Mom and Dad, we bought a combined pressie to each other, it was a much needed and well overdue Digital Video Camera. As we have missed so much on Amy's 4 years, and did not want to miss a thing more...

After that, we all got ready to head over the the Allison's Seniors for lunch. It was a rather pleasant day, with a bit of a easterly blowing.

More opening of pressies there too...

Then it was time for the lunch, which consisted of Prawns and Avocado starters. For main we had gammon, lamb, roast potatoes and a lovely salad, made a nice change from the hot veggies. The rest of them ended with Christmas pudding, while I had ice-cream...

Managed to get some photos of Murray's folks with the 2 girls and one of us all.

Have a great day further and enjoy the festivities.

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  1. Aww! Your daughter is so cute! And so is your baby!


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