12 November, 2007

The News So Far

Had my Gyny appointment this morning and this is how the news stands...

Our baby girl is still lying breech and has not turned. I have another appointment next Monday to check her progress, if nothing has happened he will be booking me in on the 22nd November 2007 for a C-Section, which is 2 days before Murray's birthday.

All going well, she should make her grand entrance into the world on that date...

Watch this space closely everybody!!!

Just another LO I have finished off today, I'm liking the colours. When I started to look for photos of Murray for the LO I battled, did not have too many. So I told him I need to start taking more of him, for one thing he hates the camera, so it is going to be a hard task to do.


  1. Good luck, Sophia. Bummed to hear that baby is still breech. Hoping she'll flip by next week. Have you tried chiro? I hear there's some move they do that works pretty well to get babies out of breech.

    Love the LO of your DH!


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