04 November, 2007

9 Months Baby Update

Well, well, well we have passed the 9 Months mark...OMG, it is slowly starting to sink in, that in a couple of weeks I will become a Mom all over again. It somehow all seems very exciting and scary, but I guess I have no choice, but to be thrown into the deep end and swim not sink...lol

The funny thing about all is...I met this awesome Scrappy chick SJ, from the UK and she is expecting a boy (Finlay) more or less around the same time that our little girl is to arrive too. So we have kept in contact, and I must say it has been great...

Onto the details about our 9 Months baby, or should I say they more professional version of it.

Your baby now weighs over 2550g and its length by this week of pregnancy is about 33cm crown-to- rump. Its total length is 45cm. If you are battling to sleep at night, some doctors recommend sleeping on your left hand side.As your abdomen expands, you may notice numb spots or sensitive areas on your abdomen. As your skin stretches, the nerve fibres in it stretch, creating highly sensitive areas. Your belly button may pop out when your baby's back is against your abdomen and can then be sensitive to touch. Putting a band-aid over your belly button will stop it from rubbing against your clothes and will stop curious children from seeing the bump and pressing it. By this stage, your baby doesn't have much room to roam. Your little one is so snug in your uterus that you may notice she doesn't seem to be moving around as much anymore. Don't be surprised if you see an arm, elbow or knee poking against the skin of your tummy as he stretches and squirms, though. Her head may drop down into your pelvis ready for birth — this is known as "engagement" — although some babies, especially second or later ones, don't engage before labour begins.

So there you have it, now we count the weeks down.

Me at 9 months...see a difference?

I have a Gyny appointment with Dr Martin tomorrow morning, so I am sure I will be told a lot me about when perhaps...I am hoping he says come in on Tuesday, wishful thinking...I just want to be able to be comfortable again. I really take my hat off to those Moms who have 4 - 6 kids, how do you do it???

I will be having a busy week ahead of me, no rest for me yet.

Amy's cupboard will be installed tomorrow...and we have a huge THANK YOU to Murray's parents for that. It was their baby shower gift to us, as Amy did not have a decent cupboard in her new room. Once that has been down the final touches have been added, I will post some photos of her new room.

I have to pack my hospital bag, it still has not been done, you just never know when D-Day will arrive.

Buy a few final things for the new baby's room. Like her bath soap, talcum powder, shampoo and yes, you guessed right...more nappies!!!

To top that all...I neglected to post that about a week ago, we woke up to the sound of water running downstairs, only to find that our washing machine pipe had burst off the tap connection and must have been running (more like gushing) water during the night. There was water everywhere, from the kitchen to the dining room and part of our lounge...OMG!

Once it had all been mopped up clean, we left it at that...only to discover later this week that the cupboards started to swell. Only due to the fact that the cupboards are made from compressed chipboard, so you can paint that picture...

I phoned the Bond Insurance Company and they took all the details. We had one chap come out on Wednesday to look at the kitchen cupboard and give us a quote. He has recommended that all the bottom cupboards are going to be replaced and the doors on the top wall cupboards will need replacing too, to match the bottom ones. Once the assessor has approved that, it means that my kitchen is going to be under cupboard re construction. Believe me, that is the last thing I needed right now with the baby coming, what can I say...Murphy's law.

Oh, well anything of all that for now, will post about the fun I had at the Christmas Scrapping Workshop later this afternoon.

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