02 November, 2007

It's OFFICIAL, I am on Maternity leave

Today was my last day at work...officially, but that's not to say I don't get called in for one or two things. We will just have to see how Barbara (my temp) manages on her own. So this week at work has been hectic with lots of teaching etc.

Before I left work, they had a surprise Baby Shower for me and I received some lovely gifts and money, which we will put towards the other things that we still need to get.

I know I have not posted for a while now...not even on last weekend's antics, but all I can say, my stomach feels huge; I cannot sleep well at night; have no energy and just don't feel like doing anything constructive.

Just a little on last weekend's happenings.

My Mom came down for the weekend again, as she managed to catch a lift down, she loves to come spend time here and go shopping, must be because we have more exciting shops here...lol.

Saturday, Amy and her spent the day at Chris and Mary-Anne's place for the day, as I had a birthday party to go to. While I was there, I spotted a lovely white chest of drawers in Jarred's room which Mary-Anne was moving to the garage for storage...so I asked her if she was selling it, told her to think about it and get back to me later. Her answer was I could have it in exchange for 20 scrapping lessons, of course I jumped at that offer...cannot wait to get it dropped off, so that I can start packing my scrapping goodies into it...YAY. Thanks so much Mary-Anne & Chris, I promise to put it to good use...
It was Jenny's birthday and her Mom threw her a surprise scrapping party, with all the trimmings. We had lovely tea and eats on arrival. Then it was scrap at your leisure, so I managed to work on some kit pages. Then it was a lovely 3 course lunch. Followed by Tracy teaching us a lovely LO, which I managed to finish this week. Really love how it came together.

Amy's swimming classes are coming on swimmingly and she is loving every minute of it...I am sure she will be water safe by December, hopefully!

As soon as I have done the pics I will post my 9 months baby update. I cannot believe that arrival of our 2nd baby girl is around the corner, it is all so daunting and exciting at the same time.

Tomorrow I am off to Scrap Kits Christmas Roadshow, where we will be doing some nice fun and off the page projects just in time for Christmas. Will post on all that tomorrow

It's the WEEKEND baby...enjoy!!!

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