05 November, 2007

Swim Time at Granny & Grandpa's House

With yesterday being a beautiful sunny day and we were already going to Murray's folks for lunch, we decided to pack in our costumes.

Amy and Dad spent most of the morning in the pool, while I lounged around on the patio chair, it was just nice to sit back, relax and watch the two of them playing in the water.

Finally, when Dad decided he had enough of swimming and wanted to get out Amy was not interested at all, until he took her out, and she resorted to tears.

I think since her swimming lessons, she has decided that water is the best place to be in...

Here are some photos of the 2 of them splashing around.

Today was an early start, with the guys coming in to install Amy's bedroom cupboard. Which looks awesome and between the maid and I we packed all her clothes into it. She was super thrilled to see all her clothes are now in her own room, in HER new cupboard...she is so proud!

Had my Gyny appointment today, and our darling little girl is still lying breech. Dr Martin seems to think she is just quite comfortable in there and does not want to budge yet. I have another appointment next Monday again and he will make a decision more or less as to what we will decide on. So I am waiting with batted breath to know the final date, this is driving me crazy...

To top it all, the hard pushing that I have been feeling in my stomach, has been nothing other than Braxton Hicks Contractions...

Guess what, I made a cheesecake today (thanks to Noreen's recipe - Jenny's Mom), yes from scratch...!!! It is in the fridge at the moment, just chilling, cannot wait to get my mouth around the first slice of delicious yumminess!!!

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