11 October, 2007

8 Months Baby Update

Well, I guess I better get posting on this, before you know it 9 months would have come and baby would be born.

I am really feeling the aches and pains at the moment, and believe me when I say I'm thrilled this will be my last baba...I am getting to old for this. Amy not making it too easy on Mom, with all the bending down and picking up after her...instant {HEARTBURN} I tell you.

At least I know it is not too long to go now...

Next Friday we have our last scan and hope to answer these questions:-

Is {SHE} still lying breech?

How big {SHE} is going to be more or less?

When exactly will {SHE} announce her entrance into this world?

Then I think it will be more frequent visits with my Gyny, Dr Martin to keep us posted as to when it will all take place.

I must say it all does sound so exciting becoming a Mom second time round, but I am also nervous again...I'm sure once I am holding {SHE} in my arms it will all fall into place again. That is what is so wonderful about motherhood.

Here are some pics of me at 8 months then and now, can you spot the difference?

Just some Baby information, for those of you who love reading about it all.

Week 31 Your baby continues to grow. It weighs about 1600g, and length is 28cm crown-to-rump. Its total length is 40cm. You may find it harder to sleep through the night - but it is normal. You'll also need to go to the bathroom more as your baby presses on your bladder.You may dream more and be more easily awakened. You may also lie awake worrying about your baby and parenting skills or have strange dreams about giving birth or leaving your baby unattended.Some women will have more heartburn as the uterus displaces the internal organs leaving less room for the stomach and its contents. Remaining upright after a meal can relieve this. Its facial muscles continue to strengthen, and your baby can make different expressions. Don't panic if you feel your baby moving less frequently now. She's got less room to move in your uterus and can't do the back flips and somersaults you're both used to. As long as you can feel her squirming from time to time, she's fine. By this stage, most babies have turned head down into the "cephalic" position ready for birth. A few take a little longer and a few remain stubbornly upright in the "breech" position. If your baby is breech, there's still time for her to turn.

Our little one, still lying breech...we hope {SHE} turns soon.

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