08 October, 2007

Weekend over and some preggy snaps

I cannot believe how quick the weekends get away from us. Either we are blinking way too fast, or we are getting way too old...I think it is the latter.

Saturday afternoon, Murray, Amy and I went for a tour at Westville Hospital's new Maternity wing, as there have been some changes since I last was booked in...so we just wanted to make sure we knew what was happening there.

Needless to say, Amy did not get to see anything, as she fell asleep in the car there, and ended up sleeping on daddy's shoulder.

Had an early start to Sunday morning, packing both our cars with the last of the linen from shop to take to Murray's parents, as his dad was putting an ad in the paper to sell it all off.

Denise, Jozanne and her 2 boys (Luke & Daniel) came round for tea, then after they left we headed out to the Ocean Basket, which we could have walked to from Murray's folks place. Had a lovely lunch there and we got back just in time for the rugby.

I got Murray to play {photographer} over the weekend and these are some of the photos he snapped of me and my bump...as we are still learning about our camera, please excuse the shadow to the one side...

Will post 8 months baby photos and details soon.

Hope you had a good one too...

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  1. Hi there. You look great. Apart from the tummy - it looks like you have lost quite a bit of weight - your thinning upper arms is the give away. Looking good! Love. Desire


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