15 October, 2007

New Hairdo, Baby Shower & getting Nursery ready

Friday afternoon, I managed to book myself a hair appointment with Joanne (my hairdresser), for a cut and colour. As I am not too sure when I will next get a chance to have it done before baby comes.

So this is the end result…do you like?

My Mom came down for the weekend on Friday afternoon, as it was my Baby Shower on Saturday.

Spent Saturday morning at the Pavilion with my Mom, getting a few things and she also wanted to get a few things too…

Then it was time to head out to my Mother-in-law Dawn’s home in the afternoon for my Baby Shower. It was a lovely afternoon with family and friends and our darling little baby girl got so spoilt with so many pink outfits, blankets and towels, and a new pink bedding set for the cot…THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!!!

Invitation above...

Opening of the Presents...

Group photos in the garden...

Yours truly with the tummy...

Dad has no choice now, but to give in to the {PINK} brigade at our home…he is now out voted 3-1.

Thanks to my mother-in-law Dawn for hosting the party, it was very special and means a lot to me.

Amy, playing with her little friends...

Taz, thanks for entertaining the little ones with the shongololo...

Thanks those of you who brought snacks; it was much appreciated and enjoyed by all.

Denise & Ellie, thanks for taking pictures at the shower, some where taken with my camera. Ellie, I want some copies please…

Denise and I posing with our daughters, Tazmyn and Amy. Denise and I have been friends since were about 2...

Thanks to all of you who came to spend the afternoon with me and made it that much more special and for spoiling our new baby girl to come…she will be in {PINK} heaven.

I have been having dreams lately that feel far too real…and they are of baby is here, and no nursery is ready…

So, by the time my Mom left on Sunday afternoon, the nursery is now ready and baby can come (so to speak). I can now relax…Curtains have been hung, cot has been assembled (thanks, Murray my sweetie pie), bedding is now in the cot. We started washing the baby clothes yesterday, as it was a lovely warm summer’s day…

Some glimpses of the nursery above. Made a few adjustments like the pink check curtains and new bedding. It all looks so sweet and sugary...I LOVE it!

So, all in all…I am ready, I hope. Just need to start getting my hospital bag etc ready…just in case, you never know!


  1. Sophia, you are looking pretier and pretier and are making out to be a dashing future second time mum. Love your new hairstyle. Amy is changing so fast and is becoming a beautiful little girl. I will probably not recognise her when I see her in real life again. The baby room looks so tranquil and marshmellowy and I am sure that Amy's little sister will find it hard to stay awake in such peaceful dreamland surroundings. So when are we having Amy's room REVEAL! Love Desire

  2. Hi Sophia

    looks like you had a wonderful time at your baby shower. you were definitely spoilt rotten. a friend of mine has 4 girls and she found out she was pregnant - we all joked with her that it would just have to be another boy - well, out popped a little boy - at least now his dad has some help with the pink petticoat brigade....!

    I'm not sure if i'm going to the convention next year. Will have to do some serious saving. I would like to go to the one in durbs rather if I had to make a choice. of course both would be just great. will keep you posted.

    all the best for the last few weeks.
    Luv Jacqui

  3. Hi Sophia

    You are looking stunning and I really love your new hairstyle. Pregnancy has suited you.

    I just love the baby's bedroom and am sure that she will too, once she is able to see and appreciate it.

    How's Amy's room coming along? Can't wait to see that too.

    Keep well during your last few weeks, and keep updating your blog - I enjoy reading it (even if I don't always leave a comment!!)



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