16 September, 2007

Lots happening around here...

I have been a bit slack here on my blog.

Sorry, but life has gotten the better of me lately. Just so much to do and not enough time to do it in.

Due to the fact that my Mother-in-law is hosting my Baby Shower. I have done the invites and it will not be a surprise one for me, I think I am too old for that...I will post samples of what I did, once everyone gets their own, do not want to spoil it for them.

Project - Amy's Room is nearing completion and Jerome (the painter man) has done all the last finishing touches to her room today. So I will get it swept and vacuumed tomorrow when the maid is here, then we can start getting the bedding on and hanging of curtains; blinds and shelves etc. Lilac paint I chose for her walls, looks awesome, makes a lovely contrast to her white bunk beds we got. She is so excited beyond words and cannot wait to move in...

Although our so called {DEN} downstairs looks like a dump truck drove in and just deposited it's load in there, it will take some time getting it tip-top and looking like a fun family room. Where we just get on doing our little thing, whatever that may be...nice to know we are all in the same place. Murray even managed a first load to the dump, discarding old PC screens and laptops, that I have been after him for years to do, they started to become dust collectors, as they simply just did not work at all...

I am well into my 7th month of being pregnant and and still going strong, apart from a pinched nerve in my right butt cheek, that is taking strain...Ouch! Getting even more round and round.

Just some useless information for those that would like to read...

You're in the home stretch — two trimesters down, one more to go. This week marks the beginning of the 3rd trimester. In addition to weight and length typical measurements taken, you should ask your health care professional to include the total length of your baby's body from head to toe. This will give you a good idea of how big your baby is during this last part of your pregnancy.Your baby now weighs a little more than 1000g, and crown-to-rump length is about 24cm by this week. Total length is 34cm.Your baby can hear more although sound is still mute because the ears are plugged with the same waxy vernix that covers the skin. At birth, your baby will recognise your and your partners voice and may quieten down if music is played that was played, when the baby was in the womb.

Her facial features are almost fully developed and synchronizing enough that he or she may make faces that are visible on an ultrasound. Your baby's skin is becoming thicker and fleshier and increasingly wrinkled, thanks to the amniotic fluid. The skin will remain wrinkled for the first month or so after birth just think about how your hands or feet look after you have been in the water for just 30 minutes! During this week, the brain continues its rapid growth, and the lungs continue to develop.

You're in the home stretch — two trimesters down, one more to go. Your baby is growing steadily as she prepares for delivery day. She will gain weight rapidly over the next weeks and, as the size of your bump increases, you may feel more breathless and tired. Your baby's acting more like a newborn now, too. She opens and closes her eyes, sleeps and wakes at regular intervals, and may suck a finger or thumb. She may also be hiccuping a lot this week, which explains that odd rhythmic sensation you've probably been feeling.

I can vouch for this little girl in my tummy having hiccups, she seems to get them non-stop, quite a funny feeling actually. Apart from all that, have been having a little heartburn every now and then, not too much.

Must say, it is nice being able to feel her move inside me, it really is an amazing feeling which you cannot describe to someone, unless they get pregnant and experience it for themselves.

Here are some pics below of me at 7 months, looking round or what...!!!

Spent Friday night staying over at Murray's parent's home, as Murray was away overnight on a Business trip to San Lameer. Due to our alarm going off on Monday night at 1h30am (it was a false alarm), but there was no way I was staying home alone with Amy...

Last Tuesday at our scrapping night we all made this LO...I quite like how mine turned out, and the colours are great too...thanks Tracy!!!

Amy is now all registered and started her 1st swimming lesson last Thursday afternoon, she seems to like her teacher Gail and I am hoping she will be swim safe by the time summer is fully here, so that means there will be no more use of the armbands...

This week Tuesday, is Grandparent's Day at Amy's school and Murray's folks are looking forward to going to see her class and all that she does, sure she will love that too. Pity my folks stay too far away...they miss out each year.

For those of you interested, I have 2 classes about to start on Designers Notes, you can go and sign up for them. International Scrappers you are more than welcome to, as the site does cater for overseas. So run, don't walk to go and try 1 or 2 of my SIMPLE classes, sure you will love them.

Well, that's it for me for now, until my next update...


  1. Hi Sophia

    I love your layout, the colours are fantastic.

    You are looking great and by your comments are really doing well.

    I know the feeling when you do renovations etc. and I am sure Amy is going to love her room and the Den will slowly take its shape.

    Keep well.


  2. Now Michelle, you are quick on the draw hey!

    Sophia, can't wait to see some pics of Amy's new little haven when its done!

    Just a curious question - is it safe to dump computers at a dump site. Have heard that they contain serious cfc's i think that contributes to the size of the hole in the ozone layer. Just a thought.

    Love your Tuesday night layout. Will definitely go and have a look at your new layouts on DesignersNotes.

    Look after yourself during the last stretch before Amy's little sis is born ...

    Love. Desire


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