25 September, 2007

Long Weekend has passed

Seeing that it was a long weekend before the school holidays started. Amy and I headed off to my parents for the weekend. Murray stayed behind, as he had to study for an exam he is writing on Friday. That way there would be no interruptions or distractions for him…

Drove up after work on Friday and had a relaxing evening at home. Everybody else was also up for the weekend too, as Henri and Emma’s 2 kids, Travis was turning (5) & Mycaela (1) and they combined their birthday parties at the Animal Farm on Sunday.

Saturday morning the kids spent the time playing in the garden, as you will see in the pictures below. My mom and I went to Broadwalk Shopping Centre, as she wanted to do a bit of shopping. Saturday night was Pizza night, which we ordered from Henri’s shop.

In the front garden playing with Grandmere's flower petals

Jarred, Travis, Amy and Mycaela playing the in the garden at the back

Henri & Emma with their daughter, Mycaela

Fun time eating ice cream...yummy

Bath time with my cousin, Mycaela

Before we knew it Sunday was upon us and it was time to head out to the party. Amy was excited to go see the animals and have her pony ride. She spent most of the time in the rabbit hutch feeding the rabbits, and she loved looking at the new little bunnies too. We went to feed some of the animals on the farm, only to be chased by two young horses, all they wanted was to get whatever food we had in our packets and they did not take “NO” for answer…it did scare Amy a little, but my Dad managed to keep them away , by hiding the food. She then got to have her pony ride, which she just loved; she could not stop smiling from ear to ear.

Party Time at the Animal Farm

Here are the animals

I managed to get a couple of photos of my folks with the grandchildren, although some did not want to play the part and pose…but Jarred was not well at all, poor thing, hope he gets better soon.

Grandmere & Grandpere with their grandchildren

Grandmere & Mycaela

Sunday night, was a quiet one at my folks, as everyone had gone home, I stayed on, seeing Monday was a Public Holiday (Heritage Day).

Monday morning I took my Mom shopping again. This time round, I got lucky and found the perfect little outfit to bring {baby} back home in from the hospital…cannot wait to hold her in it (watch this space).

Amy and I left at about lunch time to drive back home. It was terrible weather; we had rain all the way…she slept through it all.

Once home, I had to repack Amy’s bags, as she is spending this week at Murray’s folks for the school holidays. I am sure she will have a lot of fun…We had dinner at their place and came home early for a much needed night’s rest.

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