09 August, 2007

Sign up for this Newsletter

Come one, come all Scrapbookers and sign up for the Making Memories Newsletter. When you do so, please put my name {Sophia Allison} in the referral, as the more people I get to subscribe to their newsletter...the more I stand a good chance of winning a prize from them.

Subscribing is oh-so-easy. Visit the Making Memories home page and click on "Sign Up for Our Newsletter." And here's the key: Please put my name in the box marked "Who Referred You?" and they'll be able to credit my subscription!

Thanks for helping out...

1 comment :

  1. Sophia.

    I signed up and made sure that I gave you credit.

    I also got your package this week! Thank you, Thank you, thank you! You are so sweet. I posted a photo of it in my blog.


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