30 July, 2007

Weekend of all sorts and MY BIRTHDAY!

Saturday started off with a trip to the Bluff Beach, only to find out that they area we go to had been closed off. So, we trekked all the way to Umhlanga Beach, and managed to spend some time on a little strip of beach that was not being developed on, near the lighthouse.

After that, we picked up Murray’s mom to go and buy me some preggy tops for my birthday, but the ones I liked, they did not have in my size, so we will be going back there next Saturday.

Then, Murray took us to lunch supposedly at Splashes near Ushaka, but that whole section had been closed off. So, the next best stop was John Dory’s at Wilson’s Wharf. We got a lovely little table next to the marine tank that Amy just loved, as she could see all the fishes swimming and it kept her occupied. Lunch consisted of oysters, calamari & prawns, all my yummy treats. Although my birthday is only on Monday, we thought this way Amy could join us too.

Yesterday being Sunday, I spent most of the day in bed, sick with flu. I obviously caught it from Amy, as she started a day ago…but it hit me quite bad, so I was man down all day. Murray did a sterling job of looking after his 2 sick girls. To top it all, being pregnant does not help, as there is not much one can take in the form of medication, just have to let it work it’s way out of my system, but I am sure the bed rest did me some good…

Well, today is the big day; I turn 39 years old…OMG, one more year closer to 40. Where did the years go to?

At least I can say that I am happily married to my husband, Murray and have a beautiful daughter, Amy with another GIRL on the way. Life has been good to me…so, let’s see what the rest of the year has in store for me.

Off to enjoy the rest of my birthday…


  1. Just wanted to pop in and wish you a Happy Birthday! Like you I was preggo at 39 with my 2nd child.

  2. Here's wishing you a wonderful year filled with love, happiness, joy and success. Trust you had a wonderful day yesterday, apart from feeling a bit under the weather. Yes, the roaring forties are catching up with you. Enjoy your last year being 30-something. Love Desire


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