27 July, 2007

We found out today

At our 22 weeks scan, that {Peanut} is doing well and everything is growing correctly. We also found out that {Peanut} is a SHE, so now that we know the sex of her, we can start thinking of names...

Amy will have a little sister to play with. Just as well I never got rid of any of Amy's clothes, as they will be put to very good use in due time.

I also now know why I LOVE the colour PINK so much...

Now to get our thinking caps on and start on those names.


  1. Sophia,

    Another Girl! So Cool. It is always nice when you don't have to buy a whole new wardrobe for the baby,

  2. So now there will be four little pink feet running around soon. Love Desire

  3. As you said, now you can start thinking of girls names only. Hope you are feeling a bit better from the week-end.



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