26 June, 2007

Name up in lights and {Good News}

Let's start with the good news...

Last Wednesday I had my blood tests done for the pregnancy and the results was yesterday. My gyny told me that if I do not hear from him, then all is okay. He said: "No news is good news".

So this means that I will not need to go and have an amnio done, I am so relieved....sigh!

Then you have to go here and see my name up in lights, it just makes me feel special...

Murray put together an old computer for Amy, as she has been nagging him to play her games on his. So last night, I had to distract her in the lounge, while he set it up in her room. When he called us, you should have seen her face, it was priceless...all she could say was, "My computer, my computer". It was so worth it...

Now she can watch her movies and play her games in peace.

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  1. Hi there. Just received your beautiful birthday invite in the post. The card is true to your style. Just concerned about this tiara business - the only princess to be crowned on the day is the birthday girl - you! Looking forward to the day. Love Desire.


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