02 July, 2007

My Scrapping Party Invite and Amy away

With my birthday around the corner, I have invited my close Scrapping friends to join me for a fun morning.

Below is the invite that I made to send out, but there is a catch...they will all have to wear a TIARA (it will be fun to see what they all come up with). I must be reliving my childhood days again, since Amy has come along.

I am sure it will make for great photo opportunity by all.

Murray and I are feeling a bit sad today. As we had to drop Amy off at his folks for the week. She is on school holiday, and they were more than happy to have her stay over. Grandpa Allison, has arranged all kinds of fun activities and outings to keep her entertained.

At least the one good thing is that we can save some money, instead of paying for holiday care.

The house seems so quiet, Murray mentioned there was no one to hide his work socks this morning, and he was hoping I would come running to the door this evening, saying "Hello Daddy", in Amy's place, but no...a kiss on the cheek will have to suffice for now.

Perhaps, I will get thru some long overdue Scrapbooking projects that have been sitting around collecting dust.

Peanut is doing great, I felt the first movements this weekend, it is great to know that there is this little person growing again in my tummy, it brings back so many memories of Amy.

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