01 May, 2007

Banana Beach Cottage & Bad Weather

Well, it has just been a long weekend on our side of the world.

With the idea of Simon and his wife being here, Mary-Anne booked a cottage at Banana Beach for the Tostee family down the South Coast. Due to circumstances, Henri and his family could not join us, sorry we missed having you there too.

We headed out there at the start of the weekend, only to know that we were in for a weekend of bad weather, as predicted on the weather forecast.

So, what is one supposed to do, when one is at the beach and you have cold, miserable weather?

We spent time chatting to each other. Played poker and other games, Chris also brought his Buzz Quiz Playstation 2 game. So, that made for a lot of laughs and trying to out do the next person.

Sunday, turned out to be a relatively nice warm and sunny day, so shortly after a nice breakfast, we all headed down to the beach with the kids and buckets and spades in tow...spent most of the day there, playing around.

Murray and I left sometime after lunch, as we were both back at work Monday, should have taken the day off, next time...but it was great to be back in my own bed, and not on top of the double bunk.

The rest of family left Monday afternoon, and they managed to have another day of great weather at the beach.

These are just a couple of photos I managed to capture in between the relaxing.

THANKS, Mary-Anne for organising a great weekend, we had a lot of fun.

- back to home comforts, ooh it feels good.

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