02 May, 2007

7 Random Facts / Habits About Myself

Guess what, I got tagged by Desire.

So now it's my turn to list the above...

1. After, God. Amy and Murray are my life, they are what brings true pleasure to me and makes my life complete. I could not imagine my life without them both.

2. I am currently just over 2 months pregnant with Peanut no.2.

3. I live my life for today, as one never knows what tomorrow will bring, or whether we get to see another day.

4. My favourite foods are: pasta, seafoods and of course my parents Mauritian cooking.

5. I love Scrapbooking, I find its my creative way of showcasing my photography into creative works of art. It is something I am truly passionate about.

6. When you have me as a friend, it's for life with no regrets.

7. My fav colour at this very moment is Pink.

Now, let's see who I can TAG...

Janis & Mary-Anne consider yourselves TAGGED!

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  1. Agree whole heartedly with you. One has to live the moment - tommorrow may not be around. We haven't seen much of your new layouts on your blog - come on you are fallin behind! Love Desire


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