01 May, 2007

Meeting Rasa and day at Shakaland...

Two weekends ago, Amy and I went to my folks to spend the weekend; also to see my brother, Simon and meet his new wife, Rasa. They are currently out from the UK, to introduce her to the family and take her sightseeing around SA.

I must say, that she really seems to be taking good care of him, as he is looking so well and healthy. Married life must be agreeing with him.

Amy, was a bit shy at first, but once the ice was broken, Simon and her became best friends...laughing and playing together, it was nice to see them interacting, even though he lives so far away.

Saturday, we decided to take a drive out to Shakaland to introduce Rasa to the whole cultural Zulu traditions of our country.

The tour started off with a video recording history etc. Then, we got given the guided tour outside, showing the different customs etc; how they make the beer, how the women and men sit on separate sides of the hut, got to sit with the local Chief etc. The chief was Rasa's favorite.

Then, it all ended with a dance sessions by the locals in a huge Zulu kraal. Much to Simon's disappointment, the video somehow stopped recording shortly into the dancing. What a pity, as it really was something rather spectacular for them to take back to the UK, to show her family...oh well, life goes like that.

After all that cultural exposure, we had to experience the food too. So, it was off to lunch in the huge dining room, overlooking the valley below. Yours truly, fattened up on samp, beans and rice, my fav food, felt like I could not get enough...

The rest of the weekend, we just relaxed around my folks house.

- interesting zulu culture exposure for all.

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