28 March, 2007

It has been confirmed...

That I am indeed PREGNANT.

Now that answers all my questions of why I have been feeling light headed, queasy and sick the last few days. I did a home pregnancy test this morning and it came up with 2 pink lines. Of course when I showed Murray he told me to go for a blood test to proof that it is really positive.

So I have been for the blood test and Dr Martin just confirmed that it is positive...so our journey now begins to becoming proud parents second time round...

Wonder what it will be a Boy or a Girl?

- we will only know in 9 months time.


  1. I am soooo happy for you and Murray as well as Amy who will have a new doll to play with in 9 months time. Look after yourself and the new baby - don't go and do funny things you will regret later. Love Desire

  2. Congratulations!! It's so exciting. Take care of yourself and enjoy this wonderful time!!!

  3. Congratulations Sophia. Now you will have to do double blogging!!

    Keep well.



  4. congrats, hope you have a blessed 9 months!!

  5. Congratulations Sophia and Murray! What a wonderful gift you are giving to little Amy! love from cousins in PE.


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