26 March, 2007

Car on {fire}...what more can go wrong

You heard right...

I got this phone call from Murray on Friday around lunchtime saying that is car is on fire. So, of course the mind thinks that it has burnt down to the ground, just a pile of ash. Okay, okay, it was not that bad after he explained it to me.

Someone saw flames coming out of his bonnet, so they tried to find out who's car it was. They paged everyone in the office, but no response, only cause the pager in the IT dept was not working, finally someone who knew it was hubby's car came to call him saying that his car was on fire...so he ran down to go see, but by the time he got there, they had already smashed his driver window to open the bonnet, so as to use the fire extinguisher to put fire out. Somehow it all started with a rag that the servicemen left in from the service the day before. Needless to say there was damage caused to wires etc. They came to fetch the car, admitted it was one of their rags. They said they will fix whatever needs to be done, and replace the broken window.

When I think about it now all I want to do is laugh, although it was not a laughing matter then...lol

On Saturday, Jenny and I had booked 2 months ago for the Scrapkits Megacrop at Sicas. It was a wonderful day with to lovely projects that we made. The first sessions was all about journaling presented by Andrea to {make it meaningful}, and with that slogan said, I guessed the right answer which won me a top prize on the day this lovely booking all about journaling in Scrapbooks. They wanted to know who's slogan it was, and my answer Chatterbox - Melody Ross. My page was done on my mom, I still have the personal journaling to fill in under the flap books with hinges.

It was time for lunch, which was really yummy, that chicken in the white sauce was to die for, I think I need to ask them for the recipe.

Second half of the class had us doing an off the page item with Tracy, which is a notepad and memo board holder for study or office. Of course mine will be hanging proudly in my scraproom. It really got us sanding and glueing, using of the hot glue guns, Tracy nearly shocked herself on one...be careful when using one of these items...lol

Sunday, was spent at Murray's folks place. His dad took us out for lunch to Olive & Oil for his birthday, we really love this restaurant, great atmosphere and a great room for the kids to play in. Brian we hoping you will enjoying Wok, we look forward to some nice tasty stir-frys soon.

- as per normal, another busy weekend.

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