04 April, 2007

Finally, details on our mid week break...

Thought it was finally time to get on here and post about some exciting things we did in Joburg last week.

Had a nice drive up to Joburg last Wednesday, at about mid morning just after we had found out that I was pregnant again. It was nice to be able to share that news with my friends up there too. Had a couple of pit stops on the way for food and toilet breaks. We finally arrived in Joburg at Pam and Neil's place at around 7pm. They have just recently moved into their new house in Midrand Estate, nice house, slightly smaller to their last home at Cornwall Estates. Amy, was very excited to see Rachel & Byrone again, we hardly saw her for the rest of the weekend.

Thursday morning, was off to a good start...Murray's car again gave us some more trouble. His ignition would not switch off regardless that he had taken the key out. So Neil followed him to the closest car place to fix the ignition, which seemed to not be too difficult for them. Neil and Murray then headed off to work.

Pam had taken 2 days leave to spend some time with me and and the kids. We headed out to the Pretoria Zoo with the kids. This park is a bit too big to travel on foot, so we hired a cart instead. Managed to get around a bit and the kids had a great time looking at all the different animals. We spent most of the day there, and settled for lunch a lovely nursery closer to Pam's home.

Friday, Pam to us out to the Lion Park in Krugersdorp, or somewhere near there. That was a huge highlight for me, as once we had driven around the lion park, we got back to the main camp, where we were allowed to play 3 month old lion cubs. Yes, you heard right...LION CUBS.

They were they cutest little things out. Although I thought that their fur would be soft to the touch, it actually was coarse. Amy and I had a great time touching and stroking them, that we did not want to leave them behind. The guide instructed us that while stroking the cubs, we had to do it in a rather hard way not too lightly, or else they would think its flies and want to swot them...as you will see in the photo, their paws are rather large for a 3 month old.

Amy also got the chance to touch and feed a young giraffe, which she also loved that too. I think it was all too much for her to absorb all at once, but sure hope she will remember it.

After that outing, Pam to us to a shopping centre in Rooderport for lunch and some shopping, then it was time to make our way back home.

Saturday, we all went to Randjiesfontein Horse Training Club for breakfast, had a great view on the training fields with horses all around. Then Pam and I headed out to have our hair down for the wedding later that afternoon.

Amy went with Rachel and Byrone to a party later that afternoon with their Gran, while we went off to Shelley & Jason's wedding.

My dear friend Leona, and her loving husband, Danny. This is Shelley's wonderful parents.

It was held out at a quaint estate out in Muldersdrift, it was a perfect setting for a wedding.

Shelley looked beautiful, and made a stunning bride. I am sure Leona and Danny were proud parents that day. Managed to get some photos of the occasion, it was a great wedding and it was great to see them all again. There was a lot of tears shed at the wedding with so many sentimental things that had been said. Shelley's was my bridesmaid when I got married. I always felt that she was like a sister I never had.

The famous wedding couple, Jason & Shelley Grobler.

Shelley and Jason, we wish you both a wonderful marriage together and have a great honeymoon in Mauritius. Murray and I also spent ours there and we had a fab time.

Sunday was spent lazily around the estate, we even got to on a nice walk around it, before leaving for our drive back to Durban that afternoon.

Pam and Neil, we would just like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for a wonderful time and spoiling Amy so much. It was nice to spend some time with you again, and look forward to seeing you soon.

- Great weekend had, but it's back to reality here in Durban.

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