08 May, 2006

Doing the {HAPPY} dance...


Yes, I have to share this with you today, it cannot wait till tomorrow.

When I got home from picking Amy from school, I always empty her suitcase. Normal routine for me, checking for any notes and taking out the dirty lunchboxes and juice bottles. I noticed a strange thing...

There where no packets with wet clothing or panties and hardly any of the nappies were used. That means she has been going potty like a big girl. She was wearing panties when I got home and a little while later she said "toilet mommy" and I put on it and nothing happened, and I thought to myself, yeah right, it ain't happening. But, she came a little later and said "toilet mommy", put her on it again and she made a wee in the toilet. She even clapped and said "I'm a big girl". Needless to say I made a sing and dance about it, and praised her to no end. Then she said "jellytots mom". So, that is how the teachers have been getting it right, bribery and corruption!!! What the hell, it works!!!

Phoned Murray and told him the good news and told him to bring back the biggest bag of jelly tots he can find.

Then, she went toilet every time she needed to after that.

My sweet child made me so proud of her today!!!

- proud mom of a nearly 2 and half years little girl going potty.

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