13 May, 2006

Happy {Mother's} Day...

I just wanted to wish all you Moms out there a very special


I spent the weekend at my parents and Murray stayed behind. Which was not too bad, as today being Mother's Day we both got to spend it with our own Mom's.

Today, my brother (Henri and I decided we would take my mom to the Animal Farm in Empangeni, so that the kids could enjoy themselves too. We walked around with the kids, looking at the animals. Pigs, geese, ducks, chickens, rabbits, horses, donkeys and goats, you name it, they where there.

The 2 highlights of the visit was:

Amy feeding a baby goat with the milk bottle, she was amazed at how quickly the goat drank the milk.

Then secondly, this was a highlight for all of us and also very entertaining...who of you thought donkeys we dumb, well think again!!!

This is really a very sweet and touching story. This lady has been training her 2 donkeys while she had been living in Zimbabwe, but shortly before she could sell her farm to move to Australia, they repossessed her farm, and the 2 donkeys were nearly killed. She somehow managed to save them both and bring back to South Africa. Where they found there way to this sweet Animal Farm....poor things, can you imagine!

Back to the punchline..."these donkeys can count", yes you heard me right the first time round. They could count up to 20. You could give them a single number {7}, they would tap it with their hoof; you could give them {5 + 5} they tapped that two; then we said {3 + 3 + 3} and yes, they tapped 9. Can you believe that, it had me dropping my draw.

Sorry, but I don't have the wonderful photos to post about our fun time at the Animal Farm, as I forgot my camera in Durban. Yes, since when have you heard of a Scrapbooker leaving her camera behind. I borrowed my Mom's new camera, only to discover that when it came time to load the photos onto my flashdisk, she was minus a cable in the box...Oh, well, will just have to post them when I finally get them.

- donkeys counting and all, I must be dreaming.

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  1. A donkey that can count - no ways! have to see their photos first! Desire


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