08 May, 2006

What a {whirlwind} weekend...

...and a hectic one at that.

I was pretty busy most of the morning trying to finish off some Mother's Day gifts. Which I will post on here, once Mother's Day has come and gone. Don't want to spoil it for them, just in case they are reading this now...

In the afternoon we had the wedding of Melanie (De Guy) & Maurice (De Marigny) to attend. It was held at Sica's Guest House. It was a very beautiful and emotional wedding. They got married in the chapel there, and the reception was like literally 10 steps away, very convenient for them, as they where staying the night there too.

Mel, you looked stunning in your dress and Maurice, I loved the green tie...

Their theme colour was green, and instead of table numbers, they had names for anything green, eg. apple; sage; bamboo and our table was "Mint", it made a nice change from the ordinary. Decor was very simple with green tea light candles long glass vase with 1 single green Anthirium flower and small "Neopolitan" cakes (those of you who are Mauritian, will know what those are), between Merinka and I we polished half of them...all I can say is yummy!!!

-The New Mr & Mrs De Marigny-

Amy spent the night at Granny & Grandpa Allison, as the wedding was on the other side of town and we had a lunch function the next day too. Some pictures I took of her, before dropping her off.

Woke up latish, as the house was so quiet, no Amy to come through and wake us up.

Got ready and it was time to leave for lunch. Our Social Scrapping Group orgainsed a surprise lunch at {Olive and Oil} for Desire's birthday..."and yes, she knew nothing, our lips were sealed".

When she arrived, she was pleasantly surprised. She had no idea was what on the cards, she just thought it strange that her hubby was taking her out to lunch on the other side of the world, as they live in Kloof (Thanks, Conroy for helping out there). Other than that, we all had an enjoyable lunch with friends...

- weekend in a nutshell.

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  1. Thanks again for the lovely card. Will definitely have it scrapped when i get round to doing a page. Amy is become a real 'big girl' now potty trained the works!


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