09 April, 2006

Weekend has come to an end...

"Oh my gosh" where did the time go to?

I cannot believe that it is Sunday night, I have just put Amy to bed, finally! She just did not want to go to sleep, maybe she is missing daddy.

We dropped Murray off at the airport this afternoon, as he is off to Joburg again for "Phase 2" of his Management course...we fetch him again on Wednesday night. They are busy doing alterations to the Durban International airport, you cannot believe how chaotic it is down there, no wonder Murray wanted to be dropped off.

I decided this weekend that I was gonna start tackling my pile of {unfinished} scrapbooking projects, that we had been given at previous Scrapbooking Conferences and Crop Days...

I finished my Dream / Goal Tin: which will be used to put in my dreams and goals for the future, and as I achieve them, I will scrap about it and when it was achieved. So far it boasts a Lotto ticket and St John's Ambulance Car Competition...who knows when my luck will come in!!!

This is what it looks like...

Well, that is all from me, I am so behind in Rhonna's Challenge that I need to catch up.

Signing out - all {Scrapped} out!

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  1. Congrats - your dream tin looks stunning. I wish you everything of the best with your dreams - they must come true - with such a nice receptical! Des


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