07 April, 2006

That's what {FRIENDS} are for...

I just loved this quote that I had to share with all of you...

It made me realise that there are some of my good friends (and I mean those that are so, so, far away from me), that I have not seen in such a long time (Liesl; Manuela; Leona; Pam & Mandy).

But, I am lucky enough to be graced with the presence of my very "Best Friend" from school, Liesl, who arrives on the 9th April from Zimbabwe, and we are so gonna catch up. Last time she saw Amy, she was still a baby, and not walking if I remember correctly. So this is sure going to be a photo opportunity for us...

Then, Manuela arrives from Scotland on the 9th April too, and I am sure we will get to spend lots of time together while she is here, our kids can play together. Amy even got an invite to her son Gary's birthday party, that they will be having here in SA...that should be fun!!!

Pam, Leona, I am trying so hard to try and organise a long weekend up your way (Johannesburg), as we really need to catch up; and Amy's growing up so fast; and you are missing out; and I miss you; and I love you guys...oh my the list is just endless!!!

As, for my friends that are local. Ladies, you know I mean {YOU}. I sure hope to make a concerted effort to get in touch real soon and catch up with you, it has been far too long.

Signing out - missing you all!

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