10 April, 2006

Oh, my, what a {BUNNY} expedition...

A little girl and her Bunny are reunited...

Let me set the scene:

It's Friday morning and time to go to school, and Amy is feeling a bit mizzy today, so along comes bunny for the ride. At school, she does not want to leave Bunny in the car, instead it goes to school with her...you can see where this is heading right? Not!!!!

Mom, picks Amy up from school, rush, rush rush, in the car and we are home. Now, this is when you think it's all okay? Not!!!

It is now bedtime, Amy climbs into bed and asks for Bunny. Now, this is when the flashbacks occur, I just remembered that Bunny did not come home from school.

Now think about it, it is Friday, the start of the weekend, how was I gonna get Bunny back, unless I dressed up in black attire and acted like a burglar and broke into the school, hopefully to find that Bunny would be waiting for me....yeah right, this was not happening!!!

Instead, I started by saying, "remember we took Bunny to school today and I think you left him behind, so he was to sleep there, until we go back to school on Monday". All I got was a stare as if to say, "Mom, but it's your job to remember to look out for Bunny". I then proceeded to give her Mr Bear, which she seemed to cuddle up to, but this was not Bunny. Eventually with lots of muttering under her breath, she fell asleep.

The next morning, when she climbed into bed with us, I asked her where was Bunny and she proceded to say that he was at school. My mind was put to rest, knowing that she knew where he was, so my talking to her on Friday night, was not wasted breath!!!

The rest of the weekend sailed through smoothly, with the occasional asking after Bunny.

So today when we got to school, Bunny was waiting in her locker for her, so I quickly put him into her school bag, until we got home later that day. I sure did not want another instance of him being left behind again. Oh, no, not again!

So until then, a lesson learnt for sure - don't take Bunny to school again!

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