08 February, 2006

First time "SUSHI" eaters...

Well, it has been a while...Things have been hectic at work and at home.

We spent the weekend up at my parents. Boy, did we have some hot weather or what!!! Saturday night, my dad cooked some prawns for dinner, it was so yummy!

On Sunday we left Amy with Grandmere. Murray and I decided to go for a nice, romantic and quiet lunch at Marritinos Tavern in Richards Bay. It is a Portuguese restaurant and the food is to die for...Of course, Murray being the daredevil that he is, had to try out the hot sauce that was on the platter for the meals, but he said it was a bit too warm for his liking. So, if you are ever in the area, make a turn there...well worth it.

As you will see, I have been hard at work trying to improve my "Blog" banner, and I am sure you will agree that it looks awesome. Started to learn how to play with brushes on Adobe Photoshop Elements..."Hey, Desire, you will have to do one too, they are so cool!".

Tonight, being Tuesday, we had dinner plans with friends of ours (Jason & Antoinette). Ant chose a Sushi restaurant called "Simply Fish" out in Glenashley. Of course this was our first time eating Sushi. Ant thought we would just try a few items for starters, but we decided we would go with it for mains too. It was a nice experience, not something I would have everyday, but once a week would suffice. So, now we know what all the buzz about Wasabi; Ginger; Soya Sauce and dipping your items into the little dish is all about. Even got to try raw tuna and salmon. "So, now we are no longer Sushi Virgins..."

Well, its getting late here and I think it is time for me to retire to my bed.

Signing off: all Sushied out...

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  1. ooooh, yummy!
    I'm a sushi lover & this looks deeeevine!

    & woohooo for you & PSE brushes...wtg!
    your banner looks great!



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