16 February, 2006

Famous, twice in one Mag!!!

Me, famous...Yeah right, that is what you are thinking hey?

Well, it's true...

My challenge that I did for Creative Reflections, finally got printed in Issue No. 9. We were given a certain amount of various products/supplies as a base and had to do something with it. Personally, I thought that it was a bit bright, loud and really in your face kinda stuff. Which really got me thinking for a bit, but then I sat down and started to put this fun, creative album together for Amy to use when she is much older and will appreciate it. I have created two tab dividers in the file titled: My Best Friends & My Favourite Things.

See picture below for proof on challenge...

Then after entering the Search for Talent Competition for 2 rounds, "MY" one page called "Becky" made the finals in round 3...boy, was I over the moon. Not sure where to from here, but all I know is that if you never try, you will never know! So needless, to say I have won scrapbooking products to value of R1000.00. Which is broken down by R500.00 from Creative Reflections and R500.00 from Scrapbook Trading. Imagine what I will be doing with all that stuff. Will post here, when I receive it all.

See layout below which made the cut...

I guess that will be enough bragging from me...don't want you all thinking that I have a big head and all that!!!

Sophia out: on yet another hot and sticky Friday evening!!!

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