31 January, 2006

Bunnies are a hopping...

Amy has just fallen asleep, I am here at my computer reading through my "Simple Scrapbook" mag I got from a penpal today...and decided to drop by and say "Hi".

Yesterday, after promising Amy all weekend that we would go and see Ellie's baby rabbits, we finally did.

I picked her up from school and drove to Ellie's house. She was so excited to see the little rabbits, she wanted to pick them all up, but had to show her that you have to be very gentle with them.

I must say though...they are too cute for words. Murray had already pre-warned me that I was not to come home with one...hehehe!

I missed my usual Monday night Scrapping last night, as Dad got called back to the office, just as he was about to drive into the yard...I guess, duty called!!!

Amy had her 2 year old injection today. I must say this...she really is a brave little girl, as she did not, even cry nor whimper, just gave the nurse a dirty look, touched her arm and said "Sore". That is her last injection until she is 5...I guess, one less thing to worry about for a couple of years, but I know with the way time goes, it will be upon us before I know.

Useful Tip: The nurse at Westville Baby Clinic, told me that there is a new vaccine on the market, but Amy is too old for it already, more for newer babies...it helps to boost their immune system for all those little niggly things that go around. Apparently it has been in the US for a while, but is now available here, so Moms bear that in mind for those of you with small babies or thinking of your next additions to your family.

All in all, it has been a fairly productive day, both at work and at home.

Me out: on this rainy evening.

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  1. Cannot believe the Allisons hasn't got a new addition to the family - the bunnies are just too cute - soooo soft and fluffy. Missed you at Pick-of-the-Crop's Monday night get together. Have you seen - my second flicker is up???


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