30 January, 2006

Weekend over in a blink of an eyelid...

..."my, my where does the time go to?" If anyone knows how to slow down time, please feel free to share the secret with me.

Friday it rained all day long. Then the sun decided it would come out on Saturday and let us enjoy its beams...boy, did it become a little too, hot!

I spent Saturday morning at Desire's house for a Scrapbooking lesson replacing Jenny, as she could not make it. Had fun doing a layout of Amy's first Christmas...I am so behind with photos, have to catch up real soon, or the pile will just get higher and higher.

Then, in the afternoon Amy had another birthday party (Jaden), Kim's son. I have to take my hat off to Kim's husband and his friend...they put on a puppet show for the kids, it was so very organized.

Apparently they used to do this while at Varsity...I can honestly say, that they had those kids glued, don't forget the parents too! "Well done guys...!!" My absolute favorite was Kermit and Amy took an instant liking to the dog.

Hubby also got the webcam working on my computer, so I am now able to chat and see them online on MSN. So, chatted with Mom's sisters and my cousins in Mauritius and my Scrap Pals (Mel & Deb) in Canada and the US. It was such fun chatting to them all..."Isn't technologhy great...we are all miles and miles, and miles apart, yet we have this great medium with which to chat with".

Sunday, we had lunch and spent watching the A1 Car Racing at Murray's parents, that was being held in Durban for the first time ever. Not bad for a first try for Durban, personally I thought the road was a bit too narrow for passing, but who am I to judge! The scenery shots from the helicopter, sure did Durban justice and could boost them back on the map as a great tourist destination...

Signing out: on a hot, humid late afternoon...I think we are in for a storm tonight!

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