14 March, 2012

Our New Family Car

Murray picked up his new car yesterday and it is beautiful, obviously we all went for a drive last night.

Here is too many happy driving time in our new car, even though I know I will miss the Tucson (FBI car).

P.S. Being diesel, perhaps we will save a bit on the petrol that keeps going up!!!


  1. Congrats. Diesel is actually more expensive than petrol.

  2. Congrats. My husband drives a VW Jetta diesel and it is way more fuel efficient then the Jetta he drove that was gas.

  3. Having a new car is a great pleasure. It’s good that you bought something that is cost-effective, especially since gas prices have become completely volatile these days. That can certainly help you save money from the pump.

  4. Heheh, it does sound fitting to celebrate the addition of a new car with a fun ride at night. You encounter less traffic and more open roads that way. It's a fun way to test out how the vehicle handles on the road. Moreover, it feels nice to just drive, and perhaps sing along to a few tunes from the radio


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