12 April, 2009

Easter Update

What can I say, our weekend was nothing short of a miracle.

My folks arrived on Friday morning to spend the weekend with the girls and us. While walking around our garden my Dad spots (what he thought to be a rat or mole) in our drain pipe, but when I saw it too, it was more like a white and ginger kitten. It was too quick for us and ran into the pipe.

So picture all of us trying to meow and call this poor kitten to try and get it out, but no joy. Amy was already giving it a name, asking Dad..."can we keep it?" No reply came from Murray...

I put some milk and food out for it, hoping to entice it out, but nothing. So this poor little soul spent the night in the pipe on a cold and rainy Good Friday. Saturday morning, when I checked on the food situation, it looked like it might have come out to eat the food, as it was gone. Alas, no sight or sound of the kitten. That night, Amy said a prayer, hoping the kitten would come back out...

Early this morning {Easter Sunday} I checked the drain, still no sign of it, food had been eaten again. I kind of had given up hope thinking, it had gone down another pipe and not to be seen ever again.

I happened to be chatting to my dad, when my eye caught something walking slowly across our grass through the window, when I looked properly, only to see it was the kitten. I dashed out of the door, trying not to scare it too much, but the little thing, darted under our cycad among the bushes, through the bricks in our courtyard, scurried across through the other bricks on the other side and made a mad dash for the neighbors fence, but lucky for us, it could not get through. I managed to catch it and my Mom took over and calmed it down, which did not take it
too long. While Amy and I rushed around looking for an old blanket and a box.

So there, Easter (Amy named her that cause we found her on Easter day she says) is sleeping peacefully on her blanket, she has been fed and seems to be quite content...just purring away.

See, God does work miracles...

Although I don't think Murray is ready for a kitten just yet, he has tried to phone his friend from work who looks after stray kittens and finds them loving homes, but she seems to be away for the long weekend. So, Easter is here with us for a little longer.

Had a wonderful Easter lunch spent at Murray's folks with my folks too. The girls loved their Easter hunt and got spoilt by that Bunny (as you can see in the photos below).

Don't they look cute in the little outfits...

Hoping your day was as eventful as ours.


  1. Awwww.... what a cutie! Hope you find it a good home!

  2. That kitten is tooooo sweet, as are your girls outfits....sounds like you had a lovely time!


  3. Awwww, Easter is such a sweet little kitty & from the looks of things Amy is totally besotted!
    Have you found a home for her yet or has Murray been "persuaded" that she will make a great addition to the family?

    Those outfits are just too gorgeous, am I correct in assuming that they were bought with a layout or two in mind?

  4. aww..what a touching story about the kitten ~ and love your pics chickie ~ wow..amy has grown


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