15 October, 2008

Checking in with news

Why do we get so lazy, and neglect to update our Blog...I know you all look here hoping for a glimpse of something new and exciting to read.

Jacqui came to fetch her FLIP on Saturday and brought me a little bag with some yummy chocolates and CDs...thanks Jacqui!!!

Sunday popped in at Jenny's so that Murray could help with a PC problem, got that sorted out and I visited her Mom with the kids. Amy was so glad to see her kitty cat...

I finished another 2 LOs from September's Scrapbooking conference, and here they are below.

This was Kai-Mei Smith's class below...

This one from Jennifer Straus from Around the Block...for those of you who attended, will see I changed mine a bit.

That is about it on the creative side. Still working on a couple of projects, need to think of some ideas for Chloe's 1st Birthday party...I see butterflies in the distant.

Murray and I have a new surprise for you on Friday I hope, all things going well. Cannot wait to show you, but thought we would wait till then and keep you all in suspense...

On some other news, here are a couple of photos from cousin's wedding Amelie to Laurent. This is the trip my folks made to Mauritius for...she looked beautiful, love her dress.

Until later, off to see what else I can finish here, or might even call it a night, as Chloe had us up since 4am today...


  1. Now thats naughty of you keeping us in such suspense till Friday. Those wedding pics are gorgeous ... what a beautiful wedding party.

  2. Beautiful layouts! Those are wonderful wedding photos!

  3. Those class L.O's sure look like fun! It sounds like a great conference.
    Beautiful photographs...she looks radiant!

  4. did you take the pics? Lovely all around.

  5. Lovely layouts, beautiful wedding photos, just love the colours and looks like they had a perfect day.

    I can't wait until Friday - you horror at keeping us all in such suspense!!! but I am sure it will be worth it once all is revealed.

  6. I know what you're doing on Friday .... nah nah nah nah nah ... sorry, girls, I have had the heads-up - If you send me loads of yummy scrapping goodies I'll tell ...

    Sorry, Sophs, but if they torture me with supplies I'm a goner ... tee hee ...

    Love your Lo's ...

    What a gorgeous wedding - that pink is so pretty and feminine ... love it!!

    Love, Tracy

  7. Love your layouts Sophia... you did good... especially added your own spin on things.

    Waiting with baited breathe for Friday. If scrapping goodies didn't cost so much and posting take too long, I would definately send some to Tracy to find out... hehehe

  8. Hmmm.... waiting to see the big reveal on Friday!

    Stunning wedding pics!

  9. jacki janse van rensburg16 October, 2008 19:07

    you are a cruel torturer!

    what a gorgeous bride!

    will pop in friday for sure...


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