11 October, 2008

High Tea

...with Candice & Charles Greenway at Zimbali.

Some of you ladies in the scrapping world will know Candice, she is the sweetest person I have ever met...and so down to earth.

C was hoping to take a photo shoot of the girls in the forest / beach / gardens of the hotel, but due to other circumstances, she said we will do it another time when she comes down again.

Instead Murray joined the girls and I for the afternoon with Candice and Charles on the pool / bar veranda. The weather was just superb we could not ask for anything better...

Candice, it was lovely to see you again and thanks for the invite...your hubby has a great sense of humor, no wonder he got to write in the scrap mags...

Now tell him, YES, we love our stash....so back off....LOL Who cares if it's taking over the house...LOL

Also, Amy said she wanted to stay behind to play some more, as you said...when it is time to go, that is when they want to start playing - Murphy's Law!

Glad you like the cupcakes, they really are too beautiful too eat...ENJOY them!!!

Look forward to seeing your LO on them...cause I know you wink wink

Have a safe flight back and see you soon.

To the rest of you, enjoy your Sunday tomorrow, off to go watch a movie with hubby.

I leave you with this photo of Chloe and her new fun hat...she got style hey!


  1. sounds like you had a super day with Candice at Zimbali. the weather was lovely. Looks like we're in for another lovely day. Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Oh you lucky, girl!!!

    I have only met candice on one occasion - at the recent SATC Day and I must say that I really loved her easy manner and sense of humour - she looks like a great gal - lucky you to spend the day with her ...

    And those cupcakes, divine - I am sure she loved them ....

    Love, Tracy

  3. Me again!!

    Chloe is soooo cute ....

    Love, Tracy

  4. Glad you had a great time with Candice - yes I also enjoyed her when i met her at the SATC Day in May.

    I just love Chloe and her hat - too cute!!

  5. I so admire Candice and her style of scrapbooking too. Congrats on the prize you got the other day too.

  6. Sounds like you had a stunning day! I met Candice briefly once at a scrapping day she taught at, she was lovely!

  7. I'm a Candice fan too (who isn't?!) Love her style but her personality is even better! Wish she would start blogging.

    Those cupcakes looks devine! They really look too good to eat but I'm so deprived of anything sweet that I will gladly gobble them up in no time if I had half the chance! ;)

  8. Awwww thanks for all the sweet comments girls :o)
    Sophia, it was lovely to spend time with you guys on Saturday.
    The cupcakes were absolutely divine, miniature works of art that tasted about as good as they looked!
    I almost couldn't bear to eat them - it shouldn't be legal for food to be that pretty, LOL!!
    Looking forward to seeing you again before the end of the year for that photo shoot.


    PS: Murphy's Law - there were no less than 8 post office collection slips waiting for me upon my return {gulp!}... and guess who collected the post that day :oP

  9. she is so gorgeous, beautiful smile and eyes.


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