25 August, 2008


Saturday, after the photo walk, I took my Mom, Amy and Chloe to their cousin Jarred's 2nd birthday party. They had a great time there and it was nice to see everyone again...

Jarred and his brother, Mathew

Chloe with the balls, she loved them.

Mary-Anne, Chris & Jarred.

Amy & Chloe.

My Mom & Chloe.

Sunday, had a rather lazy morning, then we finally managed to get out of the house by lunchtime to take my Mom on her last minute shopping spree, as she left this morning with my Dad to Mauritius for my cousin's wedding...I so wish I was going with her. Imagine 6 weeks of just lazing around on the beach and sipping cocktails, oh well something along those lines!

Just a LO I did for a challenge over at MMFY...

A bit late, but here is the photo I took a few weekends ago of Amy and Chloe with their cousins form PE. They are from Murray's side of the family. This is the first time they have met...

L - R: Joshua, Murray's Dad (Brian) with Chloe, Amy and Megan.

Off to hit the sack, eyes drooping over here...


  1. Lovely pics. Can't believe how quickly your girls are growing up...... pop on over to my blog, there's something there for you. I know you've probably received it already, but hey, the more the merrier....

  2. Sophia, I just can't believe how Chloe is growing. For the moment it looks like she is the only blond bombshell in the family. Love the layout of Amy's School Days.

  3. The pictures are so cute - great one with the cousins!.

    Love your layout - very special.

  4. Stunning pics, looks like the party was lots of fun.


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