27 August, 2008


Murray and I dropped off the girls at his folks last night to rush off to watch a movie with friends at 6pm.

We went to see {DARK KNIGHT} at the IMAX theatre, oh my gosh it was totally worth every penny seeing it big screen and with the IMAX effects...action all the way.

So, if you have not seen this movie yet, add it to your list and do so soon!


  1. Movie nights are the best aren't they...you are lucky to have your folks nearby to help. All our family have immigrated so date nights are less frequent these days.

    We are SO looking forward to seeing this movie too.

  2. Yes, we are also planning to have a look at this movie in Imax. The closes Imax to us is in Pretoria. Can't wait to see it. Glad you also recommend it.

  3. jacki janse van rensburg27 August, 2008 14:16

    hi sophia

    i am so looking forward to mamma mia!

    mike doesn't like going to the movies, as he cannot go 2 hours without smoking... *sigh*

  4. Mmm, Dereck is going away, so I wil have some free time.

    Might go and see a movie or three!!

    Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. I just LOVE Imax, Jules and I went to see Beauty and the Beast there at lease four times in a row. You're right...it's worth the extra money for sure.

  6. Oh I love movies. Only been to IMAX once - we saw Lion King there and it was spectacular! Leon dosn't like movies either. I usually go with my kids but they don't want to watch girly movies with me :(

  7. saw it (not imax) and it was dark! Creeped me out...I kinda prefer the lighter Michael Keaton batman and Jack Nicholson joker. I swear I had to peek thru my fingers whenever one particular character was on...you know who! ick.

    Good, but icky.


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