30 July, 2008

Birthday celebrations have started

Well, today is the day I turn 40...OMG, just saying it out loud makes me feel really, really old. Hey, if I look this good at 40, then I will look even greater at 60...just kidding (perhaps more wrinkles than ever).

Got spoilt by my darling Murray and the kids. Thanks my baby, I love it and it will bring me endless hours of browsing happiness from my bed...lol

I got this awesome baby below and I love her...DELL INSPIRON 630m
Had been hinting I so wanted one of these for ages now, and thought it was falling on deaf ears, but I guess not. Now I can still stay connected while up at my folks in future, WOOHOO!!!

Got the cutest pink heart keyring from the girls.

Got a beautiful necklace and bracelet set from Jenny, thanks I love it. Also thanks to Gran (Jenny's Mom), she gave me some cute bling tattoo stickers to use on my Scrapbooking pages.

Got a beautiful card from Michelle and Amy (will add you 2 to the RAK drawing)...thanks!

Hubby is taking me out to dinner with another 2 couples that we are very good friends with on Friday night to Aqua at Sibaya Casino...easier then to drop the girls off at the in-laws. Should be fun, might try my hand at a bit of gambling, never know if Lady Luck will be on my side.

Then, Saturday is "THE PARTY" I have been preparing for a while now, hope all falls into place nicely, if not...so what, will just enjoy it regardless!!!

Will post other photos etc, when I get a chnace to take the photos and get them uploaded, too lazy right now and want to enjoy what is left of this day.

Off to go watch a movie with my darling hubby, enjoy your evening.


  1. Hey Sophia...I remembered it was your birthday.....so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I would sing but you'd never recover from my spectacular performance heehee!

    From the looks of the pressies, your day has started well. Real sexy laptop....:o)
    I hope the rest of it & the days to come are just a great.
    P.S Sorry I didn't send you a card, I have been so busy with DT stuff & my folks....I thought of doing it tho'....s'ppose that doesn't count *cheeky hey*

  2. Hi Sophia, happy birthday to you - from Germany
    Your Kwebbel

  3. Woo hoo you spoilt lady. Enjoy!!

  4. jacki janse van rensburg01 August, 2008 14:39

    welcome to the naughty fourties! wow, what a great gift! blogging in bed is sooo nice, especially in winter.

    enjoy the rest of your celebrations...


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